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Sean Wyett - Tattooist

Sean Wyett

Tattoo Gallery

Sean Wyett is an accomplished professional artist who started drawing on skin in 1995. He specializes in large, fully custom bold color pieces, but is an expert at nearly every style from portrait to wild new school stuff. He enjoys drawing girls, cars, and old school American-style tattoos the most.

Sean opened Black Cat in December 2000 to provide a full service, high quality custom shop without any of the negative aspects that some shops have. He does occasional guest spots at some of the premier tattoo studios in Seattle. He is also a master body piercer.

Age: 40!!!!!!
Sign: Aquarius (Superior to all other Beings)
Favorite Things: Sarcasm, T&A, New Orleans
Alter Ego: Old Punk Rocker/Skater
Buys: Toys, Comix and Music
Secretly Loves: Goth Chicks
Secretly Gets: Tickets in the Black Cat Race Car
Favorite TV shows: Jackass, Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Favorite Food: Spicy!
Sean’s motto when it comes to Art: Cheap, fast or good – pick two
Biggest Influence: Dave Stevens

Anything else you want to know: E-mail us, or check out
Black Cat’s Philosophy

Sean Wyett Credentials

The Alliance of Professional Tattooist Membership
The Alliance of Professional Tattooist Disease Prevention in Tattooing Seminar

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  Sean Wyett - Art & Design

Not one to refer to himself as an "artist", Sean’s work speaks for itself. He has been drawing since he was a kid, and doing it for a living for over 20 years.

He started out doing flyers for punk bands, then moved on to album covers and T-shirt designs. He also brought some of the first punk/alternative music to Boise with his Mutant Pop show KBSU in the early 80’s. From there he freelanced in San Francisco, honing his individual, highly disturbed, graphic style while working at Thrasher Magazine (there is an old issue of Thrasher floating around with a feature on him – if you can find it, you won’t believe the bad hair!!). He eventually found himself at the famous worldwide merchandising company, Winterland.

His list of clients includes some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry, such as The Misfits (the legendary back cover of Legacy of Brutality), Ozzy Osbourne, Disney, Madonna, Primus and Kiss. In addition to tattooing, he currently does logo design, T-shirts, and other art for bands and various northwest companies and charities.


  Tom Morse - Professional Piercer


Tom Morse

Piercing Gallery

Tom is Black Cat's youngest member... but don't let his age fool you. He's done more piercings than people who have been at it for twice as long. He is an extremely talented and highly skilled piercer who specializes in original, unusual piercings. If you are looking to collaborate with an artist on your own personal look for a piercing, he's your guy! And his traditional piercings are precise and accurate.

Nickname: The Machinist
Sign: what?
Drives: anything without a motor
Favorite Thing: Food
Secretly Likes: playing with matches
Favorite Food: pastrami, bacon & cheese sammies with extra mayo and tobasco
Favorite Band: Saliva
Beauty Tip: Koolaid makes good hair dye

  Champion Grubbs - Tattooist

Champion Grubbs

Tattoo Gallery

Champ is a very well-rounded and well-traveled artist. He spent time in Australia, Fiji and other places along the Pacific Rim, which heavily influenced his fantasy-inspired art. He has painted murals around Sun Valley and Boise (check out his latest at The Dish restaurant) and has a strong presence in the Sun Valley art community.

After nearly 3 years tattooing, he has put together a beautiful body of work and continues to hone his craft.  Champ is available by appointment or for walk-ins, and is around for later appointments on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sign: depends on who's asking
Drives: a Mopar, of course (essential if you work at Black Cat)
Pets: black lab named Snoop
Favorite Things: snowboarding and skirt chasing
Wears: ghetto pants
Secretly Likes: corn dogs
Looks vs. Lifestyle: he's actually into hip-hop
Artistic Influence: Frank Frazetta
Beauty Tip: Burma Shave

Champion Grubbs Credentials

The Alliance of Professional Tattooist Membership
The Alliance of Professional Tattooist Disease Prevention in Tattooing Seminar

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Click on Image to Enlarge

  Rocky Arellano - Tattooist


Rocky Arellano

Rocky has been with Black Cat for almost 2 years now.  We'll get his photos up on the web soon, but for now, stop by the shop and check out his photo album.  Rocky does amazing work at a great price.  There is never a dull moment with Rocky around.  He'll make you laugh even if getting tattooed makes you cry!


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